3 Tips to Follow to Keep Your Fridge Working Efficiently

Whether it’s winter or summer, it is always a must to keep your fridge in a perfect state as it is constantly at work by keeping your food cold and safe to consume. But in order to keep your fridge working efficiently, you need to maintain it well. This helps in keeping the food fresh as well as help you save a lot of money on your energy bills. Here are the tips you can follow to let your refrigerateur Frigidaire work efficiently in all four seasons.

  1. Check the temperature

The perfect temperature for a fridge is between 33 to 40 degrees F and 0 degrees F for the freezer. If you set the fridge to the coolest setting in order to make your food last longer, you are making a huge mistake. Also, setting the temperature more than 40 degrees F is also a bad idea as it can spoil your food. The more the temperature, the longer the compressor works. This adds more to your electricity bills as well as reduce the lifespan of the compressor. The coldest parts of the fridge are at the back and the bottom inside the fridge. The back is where the cooling element is and the bottom because that is where the warm air rises. So, if you notice any food item becoming frosty, you can move it away from the back of the fridge.

  1. Check the condenser coil annually

The condenser coil of the fridge releases heat which makes the compressor work for hours. When the dust and dirt is accumulated around the condenser coils, the system tends to overheat and the heat never flows out of the coil because of the dirt. The heat always stays inside the fridge and eliminates the cooling. As a matter of fact, cleaning the coils is required more often if you have pets. If you notice that your fridge is not working effectively like it used to, then you may need to call a professional and get the condenser coil of the fridge checked.

  1. Never place the fridge closer to the wall

No matter if the fridge is stored in the kitchen or dining space, make sure that the fridge is placed at least an inch away from the wall so that the air behind can circulate well. This comes in handy for dispersing the heat that your fridge tends to create and it keeps running efficiently. When you have too little space, it can significantly affect the performance and life of your fridge.

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