5 Chic Ways to Upgrade your Home

We all love to carry out improvements in our living space and if it’s been a few years since you did anything along those lines, you have come to the right place, as we offer some cool add-ons and features to upgrade your living space.

  1. Coloured glass – Talk to a leading Sydney-based glazier about stained glass and you can view stunning images of their work. It might be the hallway where you have two panels, one on either side of the front door, where stained glass would make all the difference, adding some rich colour to the décor.
  2. Luxury vinyl flooring LVT – This amazing product comes in tile and plank form, with 100s of finishes in timber, slate and stone. Ideal for high-traffic rooms, vinyl is waterproof and extremely durable – no one would ever know it isn’t solid timber or natural stone. LVT is inexpensive and fantastic value for money; lovers of timber can select their favourite finish; hi-red digital images of wood grain or stone are embedded into the composite material, which looks like the real thing.
  3. Bespoke blinds – Changing your screening is a great idea if those old curtains are looking faded; if you choose an off-the-shelf kit, you have to self-install, but if you contact a local company that offers bespoke screening, they send a representative to your home and you can browse the many styles, colours, patterns and materials. Most are remote-operated, with a smooth and silent movement to give you the ultimate shading.
  4. Wall stickers – Digitally printed hi-res images with removable backing allow you to add a mountain vista or a Caribbean beach to your living space. The options are many and make sure to treat the wall as directed and you’ll be able to peel off the sticker when you wish.
  5. LED lighting – Remove all existing light fittings and install a few ground-level units, with wall lamps and central lighting where required. Google can help you browse 1000s of LED light fittings and there will be something that blends with your décor.

The above improvements are inexpensive and do make a difference to the overall ambience; if you are into DIY, you can save a lot of money. Take each project in an organised manner and YouTube hosts ‘how to’ videos that cover all DIY projects, if you need some help.

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