Are Bed Bug Bites A Major Cause of Concern and Require Immediate Attention?

Bed bugs are a menace. Though they aren’t carrier of diseases, they still pose a problem. Their bites often cause severe itching which can be treated by medication. Excessive scratching results in skin infection. The prescribed drugs reduce allergic reaction and secondary skin infection. Though the bite isn’t deadly, they are still considered a nightmare.

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Psychological issues regarding bed bugs:

There is a certain level of social stigma related to bed bugs. Many people panic when their place is infected by bed bugs and try to get rid of it immediately using pesticides. A number of the sprays used are toxic to pregnant women, elders, kids and pets. Some of them are carcinogenic, causes asthma related problems, endocrine disruption, liver or kidney damage. Bed bug bites disrupts a person’s sleep which in turn causes anxiety, lack of concentration and memory problems.

Identifying the root cause of social stigma:

The lack of information regarding bed bugs has made people not think twice before talking about it. Some wait for days to bring it to the attention of pest control companies or to their landlord while some try to fix the problem on their own. More often beg bug bites are mistaken for mosquito bites and hence ignored. Unlike mosquitoes, bedbugs leave an almond-like odour.

How to detect bed bugs?

Bed bugs are nocturnal insects and it is easier to spot them at night. Use a red light and check linen, cracks and crevices, furniture corners for rust coloured stains which are the discarded exoskeletons of bed bugs. A duct tape can also be used to trap them with the sticky side facing the legs of the bed.

Immediate steps to be taken before getting rid of bed bugs:

  • Eliminate clutter
  • Sanitise the linen, bedding and curtains in hot water
  • Isolate other clean clothes in bags and store them somewhere safe where there are no bed bugs.
  • Vacuum your house
  • Use only approved pesticides since they aren’t toxic
  • Contact professionals who use modern techniques to get rid of bed bugs

Bed bugs bite could result in a scab and scratching it would reopen the wound. Avoid scratching and use calamine solution to treat itchiness. Bed bugs are known to cause discomfort and itchiness though their bites don’t get a person sick. It is important to take necessary steps to eliminate it.

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