Central Heating Maintenance: Things you Should Know

We all know just how important our central heating is here in the UK and as we head into the 2021 winter, now is the perfect time for some central heating maintenance. After a relatively easer few months, your heating system needs a medical before the winter arrives and here are a few aspects of boiler and central heating maintenance.

  • Overall performanceThe boiler engineer in Swindon would request that the heating be turned on about an hour before he arrives; this gives him the chance to closely inspect the boiler and radiators while the system is working.
  • Thermostat check – The thermostat is a critical component that tells the boiler when to fire up and if inaccurate, this can cause you to use a lot more fuel than you need. Thermostats can be repaired or in some cases, replaced.
  • Burner inspection – The control of the burn is critical, too lean and the system will underperform and the heating engineer calibrates the burner for optimum performance.
  • Boiler inspection – If your heating system uses a boiler, this tank needs to be carefully inspected, looking for signs of leaks and corrosion.
  • Radiator checks – All the radiators should emit and even temperature and if air has entered the system, this can affect performance; the engineer has a special tool to bleed the air out of the system.

If you get the green light, you can rest assured that your central heating will provide you with all the heat and hot water you need through the winter.

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