Important Decisions When Buying Your New Bed

As one of the body’s most crucial functions sleeping is vitally important to maintaining good health; when we are sleeping, the body works in many ways to improve both the mental and physical functions of our body. When you start to consider buying a new bed, it is critical that you get it right and secure a bed frame that will enable you to get a good night’s sleep. This article will discuss the different bed frames available and how they might work to form a partnership with both standard mattresses and also with specialist options like a spine mattress. You can then start searching bed suppliers for the perfect bed and mattress combination that will give you many comfortable nights.

Choosing The Right Height

Your new bed frame should keep the mattress firmly in place while keeping it off the floor; this, in turn, supports the user by distributing the weight evenly. The bed frame allows air circulation, which helps to prevent dust and mould collecting while also giving you a cooler, more comfortable night’s sleep. Bed frames generally come in three standard heights, which are the following –

  • Standard Profile – this is the most common type of bed frame; it sits around 33 – 38 centimetres from the floor, and this does allow some storage space.
  • Low Profile – this type of bed frame sits closer to the floor, but this means a reduction in storage; low-profile frames do make rooms feel more spacious.
  • High Profile – are great for larger rooms and for those who need a larger amount of storage; draws that pull out are a common design option with higher frames.

The height of your bed frame should also allow mobility when getting into and out of bed; obviously, higher frames mean it is easier to do this, with the opposite being true for lower frames.

Bed Frame Manufacture

Bed frames are manufactured in different materials such as composite plastics, leather, and various fabrics, but it is highly recommended that you stick with the two most common materials, which are wood and metal. The benefits available when choosing one of these two can include the following –

  • Metal – bed frames made from steel or aluminium have superb durability, giving you fantastic value for your money; the flexibility of the material also provides a wealth of design options.
  • Wood is a popular option as wooden frames are very strong and moisture resistant; they also have a classic, aesthetically pleasing look that suits almost every bedroom design.

By providing yourself with a fantastic new bed, you are ensuring you can get a great night’s sleep; this will help you stay fit and healthy.

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