Preparing for Swimming, Safety Checking Your Pool

When the temperature climbs, everyone dreams of finding a pool and relaxing or hanging out with friends. But swimming pools can have a lot of hidden dangers that need to be assessed and proper maintenance needs to be done on a regular basis. With great enjoyment comes great responsibility. All standard and spa pools need to be certified for safety. But between inspections, you need to do your best to keep things healthy and safe. Here are a few tips to keep your children and guests safe this season.

  • Certification: One of the best ways to know if your pool is safe is to have your pool inspected. All pools need to be inspected at first, but also every few years as well. Pool certifiers in Sydney are available to make an assessment and to give you a new certification. This way you know everything is okay for a new season of good times in the sun.
  • Maintenance: With improper or inconsistent maintenance, dangers can arise. Broken or missing drain covers, and damaged decking, can cause people to fall, get stuck, or get hurt in other ways. You should also check your tiles for sharp edges and have a look at safety rails and stairs to make sure they are still sound. It may be time to give your pool a bit of a safety makeover.
  • Safety Equipment: Before the start of a new season, you should make sure that your safety equipment is still in place and in a good state of repair. Items that you should have available are a safety hook, and a flotation ring. These should be placed in an area easily seen and accessible. It is also a good idea to show guests how to use the equipment, especially children who are unfamiliar with the pool.
  • Supervision: Pools are eminently safer when they are supervised. This is especially true when children are involved. All children should be supervised when they are in the pool area, until they have proven to be competent swimmers and they are very familiar with the pool and show good sense. Young children and children of guests should always be supervised
  • Water Quality: Not all the dangers of a pool come from accidents. The condition of your water is also a big consideration. Proper maintenance is important to ensure that your pool is not becoming a home to pathogens and or water-born pests. Scheduled maintenance and a journal should help keep things in the right condition.

Swimming pools are made for enjoyment, and they are a source of great joy when they are maintained properly, and safety precautions are observed. Make sure your pool is certified and in good condition and then go out and have a good time.

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