Take the help of Experts When it Comes to Replacing Bath Tubs with Showers

Are you planning to remodel your bathroom? Well, this cannot be done in a day. A lot of thought needs to go into planning out the entire thing.

The Right Measurements Matter

If you plan on a shower replacement, you need to have the measurements right. If you have a huge bathroom, you can take the help of professionals such as Bath Crest Home Solutions situated in Salt Lake City, Utah to determine the type of showers you are looking out for.

Their team of professionals will efficiently guide you with customizing your shower options and even suggest you whether it will be feasible with your existing layout or not. You can even call them up for a free estimate.

While looking at the measurements, ensure that:

  • Your shower has ample of flooring space to stand in. It should not be too cramped
  • It should be well distanced from the sink and the toilet
  • Your shower door should be able to open without any obstructions

If you are good with measurements, you can jot down the same and share it with the contractor. Ensure that you are ready with your specifications on how you want the showers to be. If you are starting from scratch, then you need to decide on the flooring, titles, accessories and any other additional requirements.

If you plan on replacing your bath tub with showers, you might need to build your shower within that space. Ensure that you have plenty of space for building a small platform so that the water does not spill into the bathroom.

If you have kids, pets or elderly people in the home, ensure that there are enough safety precautions in place to avoid falls or mishaps. Hot water showers can leave the bathroom feel stuffy with steam. Ensure that you have proper ventilation in place for the steam to pass

Checking the Pipelines

Now that you have taken the measurements of the shower, the next step is to check the pipelines. Plumbers will check your waterline to see if there are any issues and fix them.

If you are not relocating your shower, then using the same waterline might not be a problem. If you plan on relocating then you might need to check for other feasible options for your waterline and block the existing one.


Replacing your bath tubs with showers is a good option if you do not have time to take a relaxing bath. They not only make your bathroom more spacious, but also improve the overall ambience of the bathroom.

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