The Top Ways To Create More Space In Your Home.

It’s likely that when you first bought your home that you thought it was big enough at that time and so you went ahead and you bought it. The years have moved on and now you have a family, and these same family members are complaining that the property is too small and it is not fit for purpose. You have two options here and one of them is to sell your current house and move to another one. This may not be ideal because you picked the particular area that your house is now located in for a number of positive reasons like it is beside the good schools and the major shopping precincts.

The other option is to do a second story extension where you can make the second floor bigger than it currently is and you can create more bedrooms as well. If you love the area in which you live then the latter suggestion seems to be the right way to go for you and your family at this moment. As well as creating a second story extension within your property, there are a number of other things that you could do to take advantage of the space that you currently have.

  • Convert the attic – One of the excellent second story extension ideas in Australia is to also better utilise the attic space that you will be creating above your extension. It is true that you do need storage space throughout your home but in all likelihood this will be a place that will not be properly utilised and so it could be a bedroom or two going completely to waste. If you were to fit a skylight then the kids will be fighting over who gets to sleep in this brand-new room that allows them to look at the stars every single night.
  • Convert the garage – Before you start complaining that the garage is for the car, try to remember the last time that you parked the car in there because you always leave it in the drive or on the street. The garage has now become the laundry and once again this is space that is going to waste. Your garage could be almost instantaneously turned into some kind of granny flat and it won’t take a great deal of effort and money to make it so.
  • Convert the basement – This is another place where you probably keep your central heating boiler and where you store things that you are never going to use again but you just don’t have the heart to throw them out. This is more space going to waste underneath your property and it could be turned into some kind of study or an additional bedroom as well.

These are just three more ideas that you can add to your second story extension and they provide you with the perfect opportunity to keep your teenagers happy and to also add value to your Australia property.

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