Why Epoxy is Becoming so Popular for Flooring

If you are renovating or building something new. There are a lot of interesting choices for flooring. A lot of new products that have come to the market like different kinds of hardwood and laminate floors, also the availability of ceramic tiles has exploded as well. But one of the products that has been providing dramatic results, has not gotten as much attention. That product is epoxy. This versatile product has become very popular among innovative people to create some interesting furniture, like river tables and colourful bars. But not many people know that those effects can be utilized on the floor surface as well.

Why Epoxy: Epoxy, as a flooring material has been around for decades, and the product has continued to improve in both the method of application and the properties available. You can find epoxy flooring services in Adelaide. Epoxy is usually a two-part system which is a resin and a hardener. There are different formulations, but what you get is a liquid that can be applied to many surfaces. It forms a perfect seal on the floor without cracks and covers many of the floor’s imperfections. This liquid hardens to an incredibly durable surface, that will hold up in heavy traffic areas, and is easy to clean. But this is only part of the advantage of epoxy.

Colours: Epoxy can be made in any colour you can imagine because the application of tints is very similar to paint. If you like, you can even use it like paint and be as artistic as you wish. You can also include additives, like you see in auto body paint; metal flecks and pearlescence. And you can take this even further by having the ability to put the product down in layers. In this way you can put whatever you want down on the first layer, and then cover it with a clear layer which will protect whatever beautiful image, or graphic you have down below.

Painterly: The properties of epoxy have a very wet look, even when they are completely hardened. Because of this, all the swirls and beautiful effects of the pearlescence will remain. This gives you the ability to have a floor surface that is a work of art and entirely unique. You can create stone patterns, or have the whole room look like it was built on marble, or the swirling sea. The options are unlimited

If you haven’t seen what can be done with epoxy flooring a quick google image search will show you how amazing this can be. Epoxy might just be the flooring alternative that will complete your special space.


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