Why Outdoor Wood Burning Furnace Pool Heaters Are Better for Pool Heating

Many homeowners want affordable, efficient pool heating. Due to their high monthly costs, propane pool heaters are often unused. An outdoor wood burning pool heater is a better option. This article discusses why these heaters are the best for pool heating.

Affordable Heating

Wood-burning furnace pool heaters are eco-friendly and affordable. Wood-burning furnaces are much cheaper to operate than propane heaters, which can cost hundreds of dollars per month. These furnaces offer significant savings, starting at $5,397 for a small unit and $6,597 for a larger heater for up to 30,000 gallons.

Flexible Use

Outdoor wood burning furnace pool heaters are very versatile. They can heat your pool, hot tub while also heating a walkway, driveway, garage, and shop. The furnace’s extra ports provide free heat year-round, making it a great investment for multi-purpose heating.

Heating Efficiency

Wood burning boiler pool heaters are fast and efficient. These heaters heat pools faster and more efficiently than propane or other units. You’ll spend less time waiting for your pool to heat up and more time swimming.

Additional Savings

Outdoor wood burning furnace pool heaters can heat water for pool showers and domestic use. A separate side arm or plate exchanger can save you $30–$60 per month. Wood-burning furnaces are cost-effective and versatile for homeowners.

Environmentally Friendly

Outdoor wood fired pool heater is eco-friendly. Wood fuels these heaters. Wood-burning furnaces are cleaner than propane or other fossil fuel burners and better for pool heating.

How Do Outdoor Wood Burning Furnace Pool Heaters Work?

Outdoor wood-burning furnace pool heaters burn wood in a combustion chamber. Heat exchangers transfer fire heat to pool water. The pool is heated by returning heated water.

These heaters have built-in water circulation pumps for efficient water flow and distribution. The heater can also be connected to the pool filtration system, simplifying installation.

Installation and Usage Considerations

Enough Space

  • Before installing an outdoor wood burning furnace pool heater, check your yard for space.
  • Consider clearance, ventilation, and safety.

Wood Fuel Needs

  • Outdoor wood-burning furnace pool heaters need constant wood or coal fuel when first heating up from 55F to 85F and then a minimal amount to keep that temperature.
  • Get reliable, sustainable wood.

Chimney or Exhaust System

  • Safety requires proper ventilation.
  • Install a higher than normal chimney or exhaust system to divert smoke and combustion byproducts from the pool.


  • The wood burning furnace pool heater must be maintained regularly.
  • Clean the combustion chamber and heat exchanger and check all components.

Outdoor wood burning furnace pool heaters are versatile, efficient, and cost-effective. These heaters save homeowners money by heating pools, hot tubs, driveways, and domestic hot water. They’re also more environmentally friendly. For a warm, affordable pool, consider an outdoor wood burning furnace pool heater.

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