A Sample of The Most Annoying Household Pat Hates

Everybody has their own standards, their individuality and, it’s what makes us unique, our personality. Having said that, how others behave can sometimes come across as, them being lazy or just doing something on purpose to grind your gears.

More common that you might think

If you live with others, then you might get annoyed from time to time with things that they do, some people call them ‘pet hates’ but, before you get cheesed off, bear in mind that your ‘pet hates’ might be more common than you think. Here are some of the most common joint living argument starters;

Leaving hair in the bathroom

One of the most common pets hates and understandably, shaving and leaving hair in the sink or, leaving long hair to collect in the shower is down to a lack of training and or just laziness. The trouble is, you’ll probably end up calling a drainage company in Birmingham when the drains start backing up!

Leaving dirty dishes in the sink

Usually, a person that does this is either ‘programmed’ to expect somebody else to do the dishes, maybe mum or dad used to do the washing up at home or, you’ve done it for them too many times. If they did intend to do it, maybe they just forgot.

Your food going ‘missing’

If you live in shared accommodation then perhaps get a fridge in your room or, keep anything else that doesn’t need to be in the fridge in your room. All you can do is ask or take some affirmative action.

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