Choosing the Ideal Location for your Ductless Mini-Split Unit

Ductless mini-split systems provide the best of both worlds for many homes. They offer the performance of a centralized unit and a window unit’s flexibility. However, the mini-split benefits best from optimal placement. Aside from ensuring proper indoor unit installation, you must explore mini split outdoor unit placement options and make the right choice to optimize ductless efficiency and performance.

How to Position the Indoor Unit

The indoor unit of a mini-split contains the evaporator coil that pulls heat from the air, air filtration, condensate, multi-speed fan, and electronic components. These components are housed in a sleek case that can be installed on the ceiling, wall, or floor.

Installation of any indoor unit must be done in a room where air can be equally distributed throughout the room. Also, a wall-mounted indoor unit may be placed at least 8-10 feet from the floor to avoid sending cool air to the ceiling. When installing a unit in a bedroom, ensure it is placed directly above the bed or on the wall above your feet for maximum comfort. Install a wall-mounted indoor unit in a way that enables easy access to the air filter and louvers. For a good aesthetic appeal, install an indoor unit above a window.

Outdoor Heat Pump

When installing the outdoor component, ensure there is open space available, like a terrace or awning above the wall. This way, the compressor and condenser can get unobstructed airflow. Also, there should be a clear path for existing fan air to vent outdoors. The location must be easily accessible to HVAC technicians so they can conveniently and quickly complete their job. Also, ensure all service fittings are in plain view of the technician.

Moreover, the installation surface should be capable of resisting vibration. Excess vibration can lead to pipes breakdown and components failure over time. The outdoor unit should be at a height slightly above the indoor unit. This prevents compression from fighting gravity while it circulates the refrigerant. For optimal heat transfer performance, choose a location out of direct sunlight and avoid placing the unit in a shrubbery place as this can obstruct proper air circulation into and out of the heat pump vents.  If you choose to mount the pump on the exterior wall, ensure there is at least 20 inches of open clearance above it. Also, the stand-off mounting brackets must allow at least 4 inches between the wall and the unit.

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