Vintage Skateboards are Highly Prized by Collectors

These days, skateboarding is a popular sport and people who are into it collect awesome vintage skateboards. These beautiful relics go back to the sport’s earliest forms. A lot of skateboards from the 1960s and 1970s look different from the modern boards. Contemporary skateboards may call vintage boards as old school; however, these vintage pieces have great aesthetics that can be perfectly displayed in homes.

Different Incarnations                                                   

Vintage skateboards are now collector’s items. They went through different transformations in terms of their size and style before they settle on the modern version. Skateboards from the 1950s were shaped more like a surfboard and made of solid wood or plastic. Some of the boards of this era even had metal decks. The majority of them were only 6 or 7 inches wide and had metal or clay wheels originally designed for roller skating.

The 1970s was the era when the second incarnation of skateboards took place. Boards during this time used modern urethane wheels instead of clay or metal wheels. They were incorporated with trucks and other components that are closer in style to contemporary skateboards than skateboards produced in the 1950s. These boards usually had decks made of fiberglass, polypropylene, and other contemporary materials.

How Collectors Value Vintage Skateboards

When collectors look for vintage boards, they consider the rarity, style, and condition of the item. The most prized board are those that can still be used, although these pieces are often collected for display purposes. The design of their wheels was much more difficult to control than modern the wheels of modern skateboards. That is why even a skilled skateboarder may find it hard to ride a vintage board. The skateboards produced today use modern materials and have trucks and wheels designed specifically for these products, making them easier to ride. Skaters who love the look and feel of older boards but do not want to buy an original can consider a reissue of a vintage old-school skateboard.

Tips when Collecting Vintage Skateboards

Those who are planning to collect antique skateboards should find brands or styles that were known in their time. A lot of vintage boards were made by the earliest professionals of the sport. Because they are vintage, these boards are often prized by collectors today. They are rare since only a few people could afford to own one before. In fact, those who bought one before settled for cheaper pieces because they did not have the money to invest in high-end boards.

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