Everything about Drain Flies

Did you know there was a special species of fly that lives within and around drains? It is true! It’s true!

Drain flies have a life span of approximately two weeks and can reproduce in as little as 48 hours. They can quickly become an annoying nuisance to the point of becoming an infestation.

This article will tell you everything you need to know about drain fly infestations and what to do if they invade your home.

How to distinguish a drain fly

Drain flies are very similar to other types gnats, and can appear from far away like fruit flies. These creatures weren’t brought in with your groceries.

Drain flies feed off whatever is in your drain. They will search for organic material to support themselves if the drain is partially blocked or if there is food stuck in it.

You can identify drain flies by their fuzzy bodies and flat wings. They also have gray or tan coloring. They are not a threat to the human health, despite their unusual lifestyle. However, they can become annoying and could potentially contaminate your food with bacteria.

Where they come from

Because they are so tiny, they can sometimes make it through windows and doors.

Their destination? Your drain pipe. Your drain pipe. They will reproduce as long as there is still water.

Drain flies can appear after you have been away from your sink for a while or after you go without using it for a couple of days. Also, be aware that they may occasionally occur in drains that don’t get much use like the basement or guest room. The first place to check if you notice them is under the sink.

There are many treatment options

Although it can be hard to keep drain flies away completely, you can reduce their likelihood of being attracted by your drains by keeping them clear. It is as easy as avoiding clogging your drains with coffee grinds, rice and other solid foods.

Do not ignore a block that may occur. Drain flies love nothing more than to live in your clogged drain. But you don’t have the right to allow them to!

The University of Kentucky suggests that you treat an existing infestation by going after breeding sites. These will continue to produce drain fly larvae even after you catch them. They are usually found in the drain pipes and should be removed. This is the main reason they are attracted to your pipes, so it would be a good idea to clean this.

DIY Methods

Common drain clearing techniques include boiling water, baking soda and vinegar. You should not use chemicals to clean your drains.

You can make your own fly traps to catch the ones that have not yet made it to the drain. Apple cider vinegar and dish soap are our favorites. Put it on the counter, and then wait.

Comprehensive Drain Cleaning Solutions

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