How to Choose Exterior Paint Colours for Your New Home

How do you choose outside colours for a new home so that all of the elements work together, the exterior appears coherent, and the exterior is pleasing to the eye when you’re building it? If you’re the decisive kind, you most likely have a clear image of what you like and don’t want in your new home.

Please bear with us while we walk you through some fundamentals of colour selection for your new home. Once you’ve grasped the foundations of colour selection, we’ll get you started selecting the exterior colours for your new home.

Consider the Neighbourhood and Your Home’s Style

Although you are not bound by tradition, the style of your home might help you choose house paint colours. A ranch-style home would not be the ideal suit for an exuberant collection of pastels, and a Victorian home might not be the best choice for very vivid hues.

Your neighbourhood may also yield disclosures about possible house paint colours, just as your home does. Do you live in a historic neighbourhood or a contemporary suburb with some recurring themes? Make use of them as a starting point.

Don’t Follow Trends

One of the biggest mistakes that people make with custom home designs is getting caught up in current trends. The problem with following the current trends is that you might like the colour choice today, but what is going to happen a few years down the round when the trends start to change? Most people regret following the current trends as soon as they are over.

Consider Using Other’s Choices

Drive around neighbourhoods and take pics of exterior colour palettes you like or homes that appear like yours as you try to narrow down your paint choices. Furthermore, if something appears to be out of place, there is a reason for it. If it looks out of place, it’s not something that you want to use in your new home.

Use Colour Wheels

The main shade and two accent colours, which are sometimes richer or brighter than the others, are used in many popular house colour combinations. When in doubt, use the colour wheel’s tried-and-true colour principles.

Monochromatic refers to the use of colours from the same family, such as various tones of grey. Colours that are next to each other and those that are opposite each other go well together.


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