Few Common Problems of Air Conditioners and Their Solutions


Before we discuss about the problems and their solutions in the air conditioners, it is always better to undergo preventive maintenance of your AC unit before the start of the season so that you can have minimum breakdown.

During the peak summer usually most of the HVAC professional are too busy and therefore if you can learn little bit about air conditioner troubleshooting then it can certainly be quite useful to your family.

Some of the commonly occurring problems in the air conditioners are as follows:

  • Air conditioner not turning on

This is the most commonly occurring problem where in most of the cases there is nothing wrong with the air conditioner.

Not turning on is usually because of MCB tripping or absence of power for the AC.

  • Thermostat problems

Thermostat problem is also another very commonly occurring problem which is either due to wrong calibration or due to fault in the thermostat too.

If the thermostat is a programmable type then you will need to call a professional to check it.

  • Low refrigerant

In case, your air conditioner is underperforming then it may be possibly due to low refrigerant.

Check for any leakages if the level is too low. In case, this problem is occurring too frequently then you may have to call a professional for thorough check up.

  • Condenser problem

Condensers also play an important role. It is meant for discharging heat which is removed from air. These coils are part of the outdoor unit and if they remain too dirty with outside environment then it can obstruct the heat transfer.

  • Getting too hot

If a layer of ice is formed on your evaporator coil that usually contains refrigerant then your AC may throw warm air inside. The restriction on the airflow is largely due to low refrigerant.

  • Leaking of ducts

If you feel that your room is warmer and cooling is only in certain areas then it is because of improper airflow of the ducts. Also, if the air ducts are leaky then too most of the cool air may escape outside.

  • Drainage problems

Moisture coming out from the AC must be drained out. In case, the drain is blocked then the water may back up which may also damage the wall of your building. Make sure that the drain does not get blocked.

  • Noise problem

Often the fan inside the unit may get loose or the motors may get jammed due to dust which can produce unwanted noise.



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