Should You Consider A Ductless Heating & Cooling System? Check Here!

If you are thinking of updating your HVAC systems, you may want to think of ductless as an option. For homes where ductwork is a challenge, or when the existing units must be replaced, ductless heating & cooling systems could be a great choice. Among the many benefits, ductless systems ensure that all parts of the house are cooled/heated as required, and without any expensive construction. Here’s more on what you need to know about ductless units, before you take a call on the investment.

How do ductless systems work?

Traditional heating/cooling systems force hot/cool air into different rooms through ducts. In case of a ductless system, there are just two units – one located outdoors and one (or more) inside the house. These are also called split systems, because there are two different units working together. Today, ductless systems are used for commercial and residential premises alike, more so because ductwork and construction can take considerable time. All ductless systems just push in hot/cool air in the room directly, and not through ducts.

Should you invest in ductless systems for your home?

Well, as far as cost savings are concerned, ductless systems are certainly better. Temperature control, when dependent on air-ducts that are not properly maintained, can increase energy bills considerably. Ductless heating & cooling systems operate on a lot less energy, and in many ways, you will save money. For instance, you don’t have to spend on repairs and maintenance of ductwork either. Also, you can choose to create zones in the house, and since different units are used for different zones, the failure of one unit doesn’t impact others.

Installation and more

If you are interested in ductless systems, we strongly recommend that you check online for the best installation companies. They will send in their experts, who can take a look at the various pros and cons and offer a professional and honest opinion if ductless systems are right for your home. As for the installation, the process is fairly simple, and we strongly recommend that you check for the costs in advance. Some ductless systems are more expensive than others, depending on the features. For example, you can have ductless cooling systems that can be controlled remotely via Wi-Fi.

Get estimates for new ductless systems, consider the costs of installation, and find what works for your home. Just ensure that the installation is done right.

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